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5 Roadblocks To Office 365 Deployment – CRN


Office 365 Small Business Premium

In late February, Microsoft delivered three new bundles of joy to Office 365, its lineup of Web-based office productivity applications. Designed for businesses of varying sizes, the new modules include varying sets of features and capabilities, each building on the next. At the top of the heap is Office 365 Small Business Premium, which maxes out at 25 users.

In addition to adding three new SKUs to the 10-plus Office 365 editions it introduced earlier this year, Microsoft delivers some new layers of complexity. For VARs and IT departments, this means they’ll need to navigate a new set of subtleties for installing and configuring each user so their desktop and browser apps work in harmony with SkyDrive and other cloud-based storage and collaborative tools. Here’s a look at what’s in store.

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5 Roadblocks To Office 365 Deployment – CRN

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