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Bat On A Train Spooks Passengers


Forget snakes on a plane, it might be bats on a train that you need to worry about. Passengers on a New York subway train were shocked to encounter a bat inside their coach on Sunday afternoon. According to CBS News, the bat was spotted on a train heading to Brooklyn.

A video of the spooky passenger was captured by commuter Jonathan Christopher, who shared it on Instagram. It shows passengers looking unnerved by the bat, which took flight shortly after the video began.

“Then I saw this thing go right kind of close to my face and then it fell down like a piece of paper and I looked and it was a little tiny brown thing,” Jonathan Christoper said to CBS News.

In his Instagram post, Jonathan wrote that the winged intruder was eventually shooed out of the train by other passengers.

“Others were kind enough to help lead it off the train at the next stop,” he wrote.

Take a look at the video below:

Meanwhile, this bat wasn’t the only strange creature to have made it onto the New York rail system recently. On Tuesday, commuters were shocked to find a dead 2-foot shark on the Second Avenue subway station.

“It was just disturbing,” said Max Roder, 24, who snapped a picture of the shark, said to New York Post. “I was just going down the stairs and happened upon the shark on the landing.”

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