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Bharat box office collection Day 13: Salman Khan film struggles to reach Rs 200 crore mark


Bharat box office collection Day 13 salman khan
Bharat box office collection Day 13: Audience has been showering love on the Salman Khan starrer.

Salman Khan film Bharat might have started its box office journey with record-breaking numbers but it has been struggling to cross the Rs 200 crore mark. It has so far earned Rs 188.65 crore, according to Bollywood Hungama.

Bharat has been nothing less than a celebration for Salman Khan fans.

Salman, who promoted the film extensively, thanked people who watched the film and shared good words about it. “I am very happy with the film doing really really well. Everyone’s work is being appreciated. I have not done these many interviews to promote the film that I am doing now. But it’s okay because all those people who have watched the film and liked it, this is to say a big thank you to them. People, who have gone to watch the film, are doing a good job by talking good about the film and encouraging others to watch it. But if people haven’t watched the film and they are not taking these people seriously, then I, myself, am going to say that go and watch it. It’s a good film,” the actor said in an group interview.

Overwhelmed with the positive response to her movie, Katrina Kaif told DNA, “There is a lot of heart and passion behind the decision to make this film. I loved the script from day one. It was a joy to be on the sets. I was having such a good time playing the character; I felt confident that people would respond positively to it. I was able to find enjoyment and connection with the character,” said Katrina who essays the role of Ms Kumud Raina, an employment consultant in Bharat.

The Indian Express critic Shubhra Gupta gave the film 2.5 stars and wrote, “Zafar, who works well with Khan, strikes the right notes initially when he shapes his hero as an unlettered but determined-to-do-the-right-thing-by-his-family youth, accompanied by his best friend Vilayati (Grover). There’s a stint in a circus, with Bharat risking his life as a stunt artist, and a coveted trip to the Middle East to help dig oil.”

She also mentioned Katrina Kaif in her review and wrote, “Kaif makes the most of her role, as the feisty Kumum aka ‘Madam-Sir’ who comes into Bharat’s life, and who stays on, for the most part, without, gulp, either mandap or mangalsutra. The whole live-in thing is quite clunkily done, and with dotty reasoning, but while it lasts, it makes a statement. Kaif’s ‘get-up’ varies from scene to scene (eyebrows bushy to bushier; the tan a shade darker or lighter) and her Hindi is still effortful, but she takes Khan on, head to head.”

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