Just Eat listings include takeaways given zero ratings for hygiene

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionHow restaurants with poor hygiene are still available on Just Eats Many takeaway shops in England with a zero rating for hygiene are among those listed on the Just Eat food ordering app, a BBC investigation has found. Half of outlets rated as zero by the Food […]

Twitter’s ‘Russia-Iran’ troll tweet trove made public

Image copyright Getty Images/Twitter Image caption The data trove covers 3,800 Russia-linked accounts and 770 Iran-attributed accounts More than 10 million tweets posted by suspected state-backed Russian and Iranian “troll farms” have been shared online by Twitter. It has published more than 360GB of material to aid studies into how its platform has been used […]

What are NPCs and why are they all over social media?

Image copyright Unknown The Trump-supporting right has a new favourite meme and it’s being shared far and wide to troll their political opponents. Twitter has suspended hundreds of accounts after users on pro-Trump Reddit forum r/The_Donald coordinated efforts to set up ‘non-player character’ profiles mocking liberals on the social networking site. The trolling campaign was […]

Children ‘blackmailed’ for sexual images in online video chats

A surge in the use of video chats and live-streaming among children is leaving them vulnerable to abuse, the NSPCC has warned, calling for a social network regulator to be introduced. A survey of 40,000 children aged seven to 16 found a quarter had used the services. On video chats, 10% had been asked to […]

Spotify ad banned for causing ‘distress’ to children

Image copyright Spotify Image caption The advert featured a doll surprising young people A Spotify ad has been banned for “unjustifiably” distressing children. The advert mimicked a horror film and showed young people being menaced by a scary doll when they played a particular song. In its ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the […]

The Facebook cleaners: 'I've seen hundreds of beheadings'

What’s it like to be someone who watches banned content on social media so you don’t have to? Source link

Fortnite cheat YouTuber sued by Epic Games

Image copyright EPic Games A YouTube gamer who posted videos of himself cheating at Fortnite is being sued by its developer Epic Games. Brandon Lucas has attracted 1.7 million subscribers to his Golden Modz channel, where he plays modified or hacked versions of Fortnite and other games. He also runs a website where he sells […]

Robot ‘talks’ to MPs about future of AI in the classroom

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionRobot tells MPs: “I am Pepper and I am a resident robot at Middlesex University” Pepper has become the first robot to appear at a UK parliamentary meeting, talking to MPs about the future of artificial intelligence in education. The robot is currently based at Middlesex University, […]

Huawei’s Watch GT has no time for Android’s Wear OS

Image copyright Huawei Image caption The Watch GT can run for up to a month between charges, but lacks an app store Huawei has decided not to use the wearable-tech version of Android in its latest smartwatch, opting instead for an in-house operating system. The company said the decision to use Lite OS was taken […]

Could chip fat help dirty shipping clean up its act?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Chip fat and other vegetable oils can be turned into fuel for cargo ships The global shipping industry is as big a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions as aviation. And the heavy fuel oil that powers its giant vessels is exceptionally dirty – packed with soot, black carbon and […]

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