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Ask a Cop: Left turn lane not for travel or merging – Herald Palladium

Q: What is the proper way to use a left turn lane? I have had someone use it as a driving lane, pulling beside me and pacing me for 1/8 mile. Then they got upset because I wasn’t slowing down to let them merge in. I was doing the posted speed limit. Also, when there […]

Travel agencies specialize in answers – Sunbury Daily Item

By Emma Ginader The Daily Item MIDDLEBURG — Emily Miller, an agent at Miller Travel said millennials occasionally want to step away from their iPads for some face-to-face interaction. “I have a lot of college and high school friends who use me and other agents to book their vacations,” said Miller, who is 23 years old.  […]

In general MX is safe, travel experts say – Mexico News Daily

Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Travel experts in Canada say yes, that in general Mexico is still a safe destination for vacationers. Speaking of recent travel warnings, one said they are “broad in a sense and not for all of Mexico. “These incidents are very, very isolated and it doesn’t make sense to […]

Baggage included? What about seat selection? Travel sites are scrambling to keep up with new airfare rules – CNBC

For passengers who fail to understand what they’re getting in a ticket, the misunderstanding can be both costly and frustrating. “Basic economy” passengers on American and United, for example, cannot use the overhead bin — and any bags they bring on must fit under the seat in front of them. If the basic economy passenger […]

Travel Troubleshooter: Why can't JustFly.com just fix my ticket to Australia? – The Mercury News

Dear Travel Troubleshooter: I recently made a reservation through JustFly.com to travel from Minneapolis to Coffs Harbour, Australia, via Sydney. Three weeks ago, I looked up my reservation on the Qantas website and found that the U.S. flights had been canceled. Neither Qantas nor Justfly.com contacted me regarding the cancellation. I called Justfly.com immediately and it […]

How to Love the Journey and Check Your Travel-Related Stress at the Gate – Entrepreneur

Good news: Even homebodies can develop a sense of wanderlust. March 17, 2018 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Is it easier for extroverts to travel than it is for introverts? Can travel be learned? If so, what does it take to overcome the fear, anxiety and logistical challenges often […]

Gordon Gee's travel as WVU president under scrutiny – Dayton Daily News

Columbus E. Gordon Gee is under scrutiny at West Virginia University for spending more than $2-million on private jet travel — a practice that the Dayton Daily News detailed when he led Ohio State University. Gee, who has been president of WVU since March 2014, spent more than $2.2 million between May 2014 and June […]

Trump signs US-Taiwan travel bill, angering China – CNBC

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday signed legislation that encourages the United States to send senior officials to Taiwan to meet Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa, angering China, which views the self-ruled island as a wayward province. The bill, which is non-binding, would have gone into effect on Saturday morning, even if Trump had not […]

China 'strongly dissatisfied' after US President Donald Trump signs Taiwan Travel Act – South China Morning Post

Beijing on Saturday expressed its strong opposition to United States President Donald Trump’s signing of the Taiwan Travel Act, which allows American representatives to meet officials from the self-ruled island. “The relevant clauses of the Taiwan Travel Act severely violate the one-China principle,” a statement released by the Chinese embassy in Washington said. “China is […]

Fistfights, nude masturbation and dead pets: What's going on with airline travel? – Fox News

The friendly skies are starting to sound downright dangerous. In March alone, stories of rape, fistfights and dead beloved pets have dominated national headlines. And it seems no airline is immune. United, Southwest, American and Alaska Airlines are just a few of the carriers scrambling to explain the behavior of crew members. And tales of […]