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England vs Afghanistan Highlights, World Cup 2019: England thrash Afghanistan by 150 runs | Cricket News




Player of the match: Eoin Morgan

England go top of the points table with this massive win.

OVERS 50: That’s the end of Afghanistan innings. England register a massive win at Old Trafford.

OVERS 49.4: WICKET! Jofra Archer takes his third wicket, removes Rashid Khan for 8.
Afghanistan 247/8

Last over of the match coming up. Jofra Archer to bowl.

OVERS 48.4: FOUR! Rashid Khan stays back and slaps the ball toward long off for a boundary.

End of OVER 48: 2 runs off Archer’s over.
Afghanistan 239/7

OVERS 46.3: WICKET! Mark Wood removes Najibullah Zadran for 15.
Afghanistan 235/7

OVERS 45.5: WICKET! Jofra Archer castles Hashmatullah Shahidi for 76.
Afghanistan 234/6

OVERS 43.3: SIX! Zadran stays back and plays a superb pull shot off Woakes towards deep mid wicket.
Afghanistan 219/5

Najibullah Zadran comes to the crease.

OVERS 42.4: WICKET! Adil Rashid takes his third wicket, Mohammad Nabi departs for 9.
Afghanistan 210/5

Most sixes in a World Cup match:

32 Eng v Afg Manchester 2019 **

31 NZ v WI Wellington 2015

22 Pak v Zim Kingston 2007

22 WI v Zim Canberra 2015

OVERS 41: SIX! Nabi off the mark with a superb six off Adil Rashid. Excellent catch by Ben Stokes.
Afghanistan 204/4

OVERS 40.5: WICKET! Adil Rashid gets rid of Asghar Afghan for 44.
Afghanistan 198/4

End of OVER 38: Just 3 runs off Chris Woakes’ over.
Afghanistan 188/3

OVERS 35: FIFTY! Hashmatullah Shahidi brings up his half-century off 68 balls.

OVERS 32.6: SIX! Shahidi joins the party. He hammers Rashid over long off.
Afghanistan 153/3

OVERS 32.3: SIX! Asghar Afghan comes down the track and smashes Rashid over Cow corner.
Afghanistan 147/3

OVERS 31.5: SIX! Shahidi plays a superb pull shot off Mark Wood and the ball goes over long on fence for a six.
Afghanistan 140/3

OVERS 31.1: FOUR! Shahidi uses the pace and flicks the ball towards fine leg for a boundary.
Afghanistan 130/3

Shahidi is fine and is back to the crease.

OVERS 29.5:
CONCUSSION! Shahidi is hit by a Mark Wood’s bouncer. Shahidi in on the ground. The ball has smashed hard on the helmet. Physios are assisting Shahidi.

End of OVER 29: 12 runs off Adil Rashid’s over.
Afghanistan 122/3

OVERS 28.6: FOUR! Asghar plays this superbly towards fine leg for a boundary.

Asghar Afghan comes to the crease.

OVERS 24.5: WICKET! Adil Rashid ends Rahmat Shah’s stay at 46. Change in bolwing worked for England. Full toss from Rashid and Shah fails to connect it well. Bairstow takes an easy catch at deep mid-wicket.

100 comes up for Afghanistan in 22.5 overs

Hashmatullah Shahidi 16*, Rahmat Shah 44*

OVERS 18.2: Rahmat Shah edges it to third to bring up his second boundary of the innings.

OVERS 18: Ben Stokes concedes just three runs in his first over. Afghanistan chances to reach even close to victory target look very bleak.
Score 78/2

OVERS 16.4: Rahmat Shah steps out to smash Moeen Ali over long-on for a maximum. Second six of the Afghan innings so far.
Afghanistan 74/2

End of OVER 14: 5 runs off Mark Wood’s over.
Afghanistan 62/2

OVERS 13.3: FOUR! Mark Wood to Shahidi. Shahidi gets an and the ball races towards boundary.

Hashmatullah Shahidi comes to tge crease

OVERS 11.5: WICKET! Mark Wood gets rid of Gulbadin Naib for 37. Naib tries to play a pull shot off Wood but gets a top edge. Buttler takes a superb running catch.

End of OVER 11: 3 runs off Moeen Ali’s over.
Afghanistan 51/1

OVERS 8.4: FOUR! Cracking shot from Naib off Woakes.
Afghanistan 43/1

OVERS 8.2: FOUR! Naib sends Woakes towards backward square leg for a boundary.
Afghanistan 39/1

End of OVER 6: 15 runs off Archer’s over.
Afghanistan 28/1

OVERS 5.3: FOUR! Naib slaps the ball towards long-off. He is on fire.
Afghanistan 27/1

OVERS 5.2: SIX! What a shot from Naib. He clears his front whacks the ball over mid wicket.

OVERS 5.1: FOUR! Short from Archer. Naib stays back and smashes the ball towards deep mid wicket for a boundary.

OVERS 4.3: DROPPED! Rahmat Shah gets an outside edge off Chris Woakes. Bairstow drops a simple catch at first slip.
Afghanistan 13/1

OVERS 4.1: FOUR! Rahmat Shah stands tall and pushes the ball towards sweeper cover.
Afghanistan 13/1

End of OVER 4: 3 runs off Jofra Archer’s over.
Afghanistan 9/1

Rahmat Shah comes to the crease.

OVERS 1.2: WICKET! Jofra Archer strikes, Noor Ali departs for a duck. Brilliant bowling from Archer. Noor Ali gets an inside edge and the ball rattles the stumps.

Jofra Archer comes into the attack. He will bowl from round the wicket

End of OVER 1: Brilliant start from Woakes. Just 1 run off it.
Afghanistan 1/0

Chris Woakes will open the attack for England.

Openers Gulbadin Naib and Noor Ali Zadran will open for Afghanistan

Welcome back!

England post a mammoth 397/6 against Afghanistan at Old Trafford


Ridiculous knock, 17 sixes, world record and batting of the highest order. We were just seriously entertained. He’s been striking well on the golf course and he’s taken it straight into this innings. ‘Get on with it’ was the key world for us (laughs). It (the pitch) was slightly tacky at first, being under covers for a while and then Rooty and I decided to get on with it. With franchise cricket now, he’s (Rashid) played in England, Australia and in the IPL. Any missed length and we put it away and it was great the way we capitalised on any of it and put it away.

England post a mammoth 397/6 against Afghanistan

England captain Eoin Morgan smashed as many as 17 sixes against Afghanistan, breaking the record of most sixes in an ODI innings. Morgan was in devastating form, hammering 17 sixes and four boundaries in his 148 off 71 balls. India vice-captain Rohit Sharma had hammered 16 sixes against Australia in an ODI in 2013. West Indian Chris Gayle and retired South Africa batsman AB de Villiers too have hit 16 sixes in an innings.

OVERS 50: Single off the last ball.
England post 397/6

OVERS 49.5: SIX! Another one from Moeen. This time he flicks the ball over mid wicket.
England 396/6

OVERS 49.4: SIX! Moeen moves his front leg and smashes Zadran over deep mid wicket for a huge six.
England 390/6

OVERS 49.1: WICKET! Dawlat Zadran castles Ben Stokes for 2.
England 378/6

Rashid Khan figures: 9-0-110-0

OVERS 48.6: SIX! Moeen Ali smashes Rahid for a huge six.
England 378/5

Stokes and Moeen are in the middle. Can they take England past 400?

OVERS 48.1: SIX! Moeen Ali tonks it over long on for a huge one. Rashid concedes 100 plus now.
England 370/5

OVERS 47.4: WICKET! Dawlat Zadran dismisses Jos Buttler for 2.
England 362/5

OVERS 47: WICKET! Gulbadin Naib ends Eoin Morgan’s stay at 148.
England 359/4.

OVERS 46.5: SIX! Eoin Morgan hits 17th six of the innings. He now holds the record of the most number of sixes hit in an ODI innings

OVERS 46.2: SIX!
Eoin Morgan hits 16th six of the innings. He equals the most number of sixes hit in an ODI innings

OVERS 46.1: SIX! Morgan hits his 15th six.

End of OVER 46:
17 runs off Dawlat Zadran’s over.
England 340/2

OVERS 45.3: SIX! 14th six for Morgan. The England skipper smashes Zadran goes over the mid off region.

OVERS 44.6: SIX! Another one for Morgan. It’s pouring sixes here. Morgan is on fire. He clears the long-off. 13th six from him. 21 runs off Rashid’s over.
England 323/2

OVERS 44.4: SIX! Morgan hits his 12th six of the match. He leans forward and dispatches Rashid over deep square leg.

OVERS 44.1: SIX! Joe Root joins the party this time. What a shot from him off Rashid.
England 308/2

300 comes up for England


50 Kevin O’Brien v Eng Bengaluru 2011
51 Glenn Maxwell v SL SCG 2015
52 AB de Villiers v WI SCG 2015
57 Eoin MORGAN v Afg Manchester 2019 * (TODAY)
66 Matthew Hayden v SA St Kitts 2007
67 J Davison v WI Centurion 2003

OVERS 43: SIX! and CENTURY! What a way to bring his century. Morgan brings up his 13th ODI century off 57 balls.

OVERS 42.4: SIX! Morgan moves to 95 with his 10th six in the match.

OVERS 42.2: SIX! It’s raining sixes at Old Trafford. Morgan leans forwards and whacks this over Rashid Khan’s head. 9th six for Morgan today.
England 279/2

End of OVER 42: 3 runs off Mujeeb’s over.
England 272/2

OVERS 40.3: SIX! Morgan is on fire today. Morgan hit back-to-back sixes off Nabi. First straight down down the ground and now over deep mid wciket fence. Eight six from the England skipper.
England 267/2

200 sixes for Eoin Morgan.

250 comes up for England in 39.3 overs.

Morgan 66*, Root 65*

OVERS 39.1: SIX! Sixth six for Morgan in this innings. Morgan takes a big stride and smashes Mujeeb over Cow corner. Powerful shot from the England skipper.
England 247/2

OVERS 38.1: FIFTY! Eoin Morgan brings up his 47th ODI half-century off 36 balls. Morgan brings up his fifty with a huge six off Nabi over deep mid wicket.
England 238/2.

End of OVER 37: Root smashes Zadran for a boundary towards deep backward point. 11 runs off Dawlat Zadran’s over.
England 228/2

It’s time for drinks at Old Trafford.

Rashid’s bowling figures so far: OVERS: 6 | RUNS: 54 | WICKETS: 0 | ECON: 9.00

End of OVER 36: 18 runs off Rashid’s over.
England 217/2

OVERS 35.6: SIX! Morgan whacks another one off Rashid and this time over backward square leg fence. Fourth six for Morgan in the match.
England 217/2

OVERS 35.3: SIX! Morgan smashes Rashid for a boundary and now a huge six over deep mid wicket fence. Rashid having a tough day today.

200 comes up for England in 35.1 overs

Joe Root 53*, Eoin Morgan 28*

End of OVER 34: 7 runs off Rashid Khan’s over.
England 196/2

OVERS 32.1: FIFTY! Joe Root brings up his half-century off 54 balls.
England 184/2

OVERS 31.3: SIX! Another one from Morgan. He dances down the track and hits this over Naib’s head.
England 181/2

OVERS 31.2: SIX! What a shot from captain Morgan.Short from Naib. Morgan waits till the end and slaps the ball over deep mid wicket fence.
England 175/2

Eoin Morgan comes to the crease.

OVERS 29.5: WICKET! Gulbadin Naib ends Jonny Bairstow’s stay at 90. Big wicket for Afghanistan. Bairstow chips it straight back to the bowler. Brillaint catch by Naib in the follow through. Bairstow misses on a century.
England 164/2

100+ partnerships in the ICC World 2019:

6 – England
3 – Australia/ Bangladesh
2 – India/ New Zealand

OVERS 26.4: SIX! What a shot from Bairstow. Powerful one. He dances down the track and smokes it over Nabi’s head.
England 153/1

100-run partnership comes up between Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root.

OVERS 25.4: FOUR! Bairstow moves to 78 with a superb boundary off Rashid towards deep extra cover.
England 144/1

OVERS 24.5: FOUR! Short from Nabi. Bairstow stays back and pulls it towards deep square leg.
England 139/1

OVERS 23.4: SIX! Once again juicy half-volley from Rashid. Bairstow leans forward and dispatches the ball over deep mid wicket region. What a powerful shot from the right-hander.
England 130/1

OVERS 23.2: FOUR! Half-volley from Rashid Khan. Bairstow leans forward and smashes him over cow corner.
England 122/1

End of OVER 22: Just 3 runs off Naib’s over.
England 112/1

OVERS 20: FIFTY! Jonny Bairstow brings up his 11th ODI half-century off 61 balls. The right-hander smashes Naib for a boundary off mid-off region to bring up his fifty. Bairstow raises his bat towards crowd and fans greet him with a loud applause.
England 106/1

100 comes up for England in 19.3 overs

Jonny Bairstow 47*, Joe Root 25*

End of OVER 18: 6 runs off Naib’s over.
England 92/1

OVERS 17.2: FOUR! Bairstow picks the length and smashes the ball towards long-off for a boundary.
England 90//1

OVERS 16.2: FOUR! Root plays a superb sweep shot towards mid wicket off Rahmat Shah for a boundary.
England 80/1

13.5 overs: SIX! Jonny Bairstow goes down town. Tossed up delivery from Rahmat Shah and Bairstow slams it straight into the sight screen. First six of the match.
ENG 68/1

11.2 overs: Four and 50 up for England! Slog sweep from Jonny Bairstow off Mohammad Nabi and the ball races to the fence. Bairstow is looking in good nick today.
ENG 52/1

9.3 overs: OUT! Dawlat Zadran provides the first breakthrough. Short pitched delivery from Zadran and James Vince goes for the pull. Doesn’t connect well as the ball balloons in the air. Mujeeb ur Rehman at short fine leg completes a simple catch. Vince walks back for 26.
ENG 44/1

7.5 overs: Dropped! Complete misjudgment from Mohammad Nabi at deep mid wicket. Short ball from Dawlat Zadran and James Vince goes after it. Mistimes but Nabi in the deep just had no clue. The ball eventually drops short.
ENG 40/0

End of 6th over: Expensive over from Dawlat Zadran comes to an end. Jonny Bairstow and James Vince collect 10 runs from it including a couple of boundaries. England openers are now showing signs of aggression.
ENG 30/0

4.3 overs: FOUR! Tossed up delivery from Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Jonny Bairstow gets it past the mid-off fielder. Beautifully timed and excellent placement from Bairstow.
ENG 19/0

End of 4th over: Tidy over from Dawlat Zadran comest to an end. Just one run from it.
ENG 15/0

1.2 overs: FOUR! Short pitched delivery from Dawlat Zadran but no bounce on that occasion. That was easy for James Vince. Smashes the ball on the on side to collect his first boundary.
ENG 9/0

0.2 overs: A couple on the leg side and England are off the mark. James Vince pushes the ball on the on side and runs aggressively to collect two runs.
ENG 2/0

Jonny Bairstow and James Vince are at the crease. Vince to face the first ball. Off-spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman will start the proceedings for Afghanistan.
Here we go!

Teams are out in the middle along with the match officials for national anthems. We are just minutes away from the start!

Playing XI for both teams

England: Jonny Bairstow, James Vince, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood

Afghanistan: Rahmat Shah, Noor Ali Zadran, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan, Mohammad Nabi, Ikram Ali Khil(w), Gulbadin Naib(c), Najibullah Zadran, Rashid Khan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Dawlat Zadran

Captains at the toss

Eoin Morgan: We will bat first. Unfortunately, Jason Roy misses out, it’s a used wicket, they have done magnificently well to prepare the pitch, looks like a good wicket, played well the other day, carry for the seamers and turn for the spinners. Two changes, one forced, Vince replaces Roy and Moeen is back, in for Liam Plunkett

Gulbadin Naib: We would have batted first as well, looks a good wicket, slightly Asian conditions. We are disappointed with our batting, have not even played 40 overs, we have a good chance to restrict them to a good defendable score. Three changes for us, Dawlat, Najibullah and Mujeeb are playing – Aftab, Zazai and Hamid are not playing. Because of the wicket, we are going in with just one seamer.

Team news: England have two changes. Jason Roy misses out with injury. James Vince replaces him. Moeen Ali comes in to replace Liam Plunkett. Three changes in Afghanistan XI. Aftab, Zazai and Hamid sit out. Dawlat Zadran, Najibullah Zadran and Mujeeb Ur Rehman come in.

Toss News: England skipper Eoin Morgan wins the toss and opts to bat against Afghanistan at Old Trafford in Manchester.

Hello and welcome to the live match updates of the ICC Cricket World Cup, Match 24 between hosts England and Afghanistan.

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