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Is something watching the ISS? Huge 'cloaked object' spotted before live feed CUTS – Daily Star


BIZARRE footage has emerged that could prove extraterrestrial life is monitoring Earth from space, according to wild claims online.

The video was captured on NASA’s live feed from the International Space Station. 

It shows a mysterious apparition hovering above Earth that almost looks like a cloud in space.

A different angle appears to show a UFO approaching the anomaly from a distance before the feed mysteriously cuts.

Cloaked UFO spotted on NASA live feedUFOMANIA

BIZARRE: The strange object was spotted on a NASA live feed

The footage was clipped and uploaded to popular YouTube conspiracy channel UFOmania on April 6 and has already gained more than 14,500 hits.

And viewers were left speculating what it could be. 

One comment read: “That is our atmosphere being pulled into space because of holes in the Earth’s ionosphere.”

And another added: “A similar sphere was spotted watching the Sun not long ago.”

But others were not as convinced. 

A third comment stated: “That could be anything — like a smudge on the screen or a piece of space junk.”

This video comes only a week after a similar sighting was spotted near the ISS.

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