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J.R. Smith won’t be fined for saying he wants to be traded


J.R. Smith wants the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. And the world didn’t find out about that from the Cavaliers front office or from an anonymous source. The words came from Smith’s mouth.

The words came from his mouth on Thursday morning, when a less-than-happy looking Smith spoke to reporters. And there’s no ambiguity — he didn’t beat around the bush or use a metaphor or say it in so many words. He actually said that he wants the Cavs to trade him.

Why is Smith so unhappy with the Cavs right now? It’s pretty simple, and he elaborated for the reporters.

It all comes down to playing time, and he’s just not getting much. The Cavs have played seven games, and Smith has yet to play more than 20 minutes in a single one. He didn’t even take the floor for the team’s lone win of the season.

With LeBron James gone and Kevin Love out for awhile with a toe injury, the Cavaliers are starting to play their younger guys over their older, established veterans. There’s nothing wrong with the Cavs doing that, but there’s also nothing wrong with Smith not liking it and wanting them to trade him to a team that would actually play him.

There’s nothing wrong with Smith wanting to be traded, but there is something wrong with him saying it out loud to reporters, at least according to the collective bargaining agreement.

Smith didn’t say the words “I want the Cavs to trade me” or “I don’t want to be here.” He just responded “yeah” when a reporter asked him a question, which is why NBA commissioner Adam Silver told reporters in Cleveland that Smith would likely not be fined for his blunt response.

Cleveland general manager Koby Altman is reportedly working to grant Smith’s wish for a trade, confirming expectations that the Cavs should sell off their assets and will enter a prolonged rebuild.

J.R. Smith is not happy in Cleveland and wants the Cavaliers to trade him. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

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