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Netflix goes social with Facebook integration – TechRadar UK


Netflix announced a new way for U.S. subscribers to get movie recommendations with Facebook integration.

Users can now log into their Facebook account through Netflix, allowing them to find out more about what their friends are watching.

Syncing Netflix and Facebook accounts will make two new lists appear on the Netflix Instant Watch page for “Friends’ Favorites” and “Watched by your Friends.”

By default Netflix history will only be shared through Netflix with other subscribers, though there will also be the option to share what you watch with friends on Facebook.

Sharing can be further customized with a “do not share” button that will now appear as a TV show or movie begins to play, letting users opt out of sharing their more embarrassing viewing habits.

No longer need to ask what your friends are watching

Late for legal reasons

Facebook integration is not exactly a new feature for Netflix, as users outside the U.S. have had access to it for over a year.

Social networking integration has not been previously possible in the U.S. due to the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988, which made it illegal for a video service provider to reveal customer information without a written agreement signed by each user.

The law was recently amended, after much lobbying by Netflix, which now allows users to opt in to share their viewing history through social networks.

“There are few better ways to find a movie or TV series you’ll love than hearing about it from your friends,” said Netflix Vice President of Product Innovation Tom Willerer. “Facebook already makes it easy for our international members to connect with friends over TV shows and movies and we’re thrilled to now bring this experience to our U.S. members.”

Netflix is launching Facebook integration to U.S. users starting today, with the feature rolling out to all users by the end of the week.

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Netflix goes social with Facebook integration – TechRadar UK

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