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OnePlus TV name and logo revealed


Back in September OnePlus announced its plans to venture out in the TV business. Since then the company went to its fan base for help in naming the upcoming device and it looks like we finally have a winner – the OnePlus TV. The company decided to keep naming simple and to the point feeling that “no other name can best represent our value, vision and pride”.

OnePlus TV name and logo revealed

In a forum post, a OnePlus representative also detailed the logo creation process and how the company chose to stick with the familiar company logo and the addition of a TV.

OnePlus is also proud of how its managed to use proportions into account by separating the OnePlus and TV symbols by exactly two spaces more than the gap in the OnePlus logo.

OnePlus TV name and logo revealed

The company claims it was inspired by classical art forms like the ancient Hindu mandala symbol as well as the Heraion of Argos ancient Greek temple. The OnePlus TV is still in development but the company promises more exciting news coming soon so we’ll keep an eye out.


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