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PROFILE-Bulgaria’s Finance Minister Kalin Hristov – Reuters


Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:03am EDT

Position: Bulgarian Finance Minister

Incumbent: Kalin Hristov, 42

Born: Feb.6, 1971

Term: Hristov became interim finance minister on March 13
after a centre-right government led by Boiko Borisov resigned in
February. He replaces Simeon Djankov and will keep the post
until a new government is formed after a May 12 election.

Key Facts:

— Since 2009, Hristov has been a deputy central bank
governor in charge of Bulgaria’s currency peg to the euro. He
has also held the post of adviser to Governor Ivan Iskrov.

— Graduated in macroeconomics from Sofia’s University of
National and World Economy.

— Hristov is a rising star at Bulgaria’s central bank, one
of the most respected institutions in the Balkan country, in
part due to its role in the aftermath of a crisis in 1996, when
a third of banks went into insolvency.

— He joined the central bank in October 1997, in the
economic research department. Five years later he became a
member of its investment committee.

— A staunch supporter of fiscal prudence and the idea that
sustainable growth cannot be achieved by higher state
expenditure, Hristov is not likely to support sharp rises in
spending to boost incomes in the European Union’s poorest

— As a deputy governor Hristov has kept a low public
profile, but is well known to foreign investors and market
makers, as he attended all road shows for the sale of Bulgaria’s
first Eurobond issue in 10 years in 2012.

— After years advocating quick accession to the euro,
Hristov changed his position with the start of the euro zone
debt crisis and supported the Borisov government’s decision to
delay the process.

— Hristov, a fluent English speaker, is an author of
several publications on the problems of macroeconomics, monetary
policy and the euro.

PROFILE-Bulgaria’s Finance Minister Kalin Hristov – Reuters}

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