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PROFILE-Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray – Reuters


Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:24pm EDT

Position: Mexican Finance Minister

Incumbent: Luis Videgaray

Date of Birth: Aug. 10, 1968

Term: Appointed Dec. 1, 2012

Key Facts:

– Videgaray, President Enrique Pena Nieto’s right-hand man,
combines blue-chip academic qualifications with experience in
the private sector, local government and the federal Congress.

– He studied law and economics and then worked briefly at
the Mexican finance ministry under then-minister Pedro Aspe,
before winning a scholarship to do his doctorate at the
prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United

– On his return, he worked for seven years at Aspe’s
investment bank Protego and met Pena Nieto – then a young
congressman for the State of Mexico – during a debt

– When Pena Nieto was elected governor of the State of
Mexico in 2005, he named Videgaray as his finance minister, a
post he held until 2009 when he became a federal congressman and
led the lower house’s budget committee.

– Videgaray is aiming to push through fiscal reforms in the
government’s first full year in office to boost Mexico’s low tax
take and make tax collection more efficient.

– He is an avid reader and a fan of the National Football
League’s Pittsburgh Steelers. He is known as serious and
hard-working and is respected by investors and economists.

PROFILE-Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray – Reuters}

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