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The one position battle nobody is talking about, but should


(Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

One position battle with FSU football that has not been discussed at all is at kicker. Can a true freshman actually overtake the veteran?

By now, we have a general idea of what the depth chart(s) for FSU football will look like. The defense is beginning to take shape, the battle for quarterback is all but decided – hell, even the offensive line is starting to sure up some starting spots.

One position group that has not really been talked about much is the kickers. Currently, the only place kickers on scholarship are returning senior Ricky Aguayo and freshman Ryan Fitzgerald.

The truth is that there probably isn’t much of a position battle here; at least not yet. While I’m not the biggest fan of Ricky Aguayo or his kicking, there really haven’t been any indications that he is in danger of losing his starting spot. That’s exactly how it should be for a senior kicker.

However, I am inclined to believe that the veteran kicker will be on a shorter leash than many may expect this season. This is due to the combination of a sub-par 2018 season for Aguayo and a stellar freshman waiting in the wings with Ryan Fitzgerald.

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