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UK weather: Mini-heatwave could see temperatures match hottest day of the year so far


The UK is set to experience another mini-heatwave as temperatures are expected to climb as high as 28C in parts of the country.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see the south of the country hit with warm weather, approaching the hottest temperature recorded this year, which was 29.2C in April.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “While it’s too early to say if we’re going to see the hottest day of the year so far, temperatures in the south of the UK are expected to warm up in the next few days.

“We expect it to peak on Wednesday, probably around 28C.”

Unfortunately the soaring temperatures will only be felt in London and the southeast, with the Met Office spokesperson adding that “temperatures in northern parts of the country will remain in the teens and low 20s”.

Scotland will be noticeably colder than the rest of the UK, with temperatures expected to hover around 11C in the north of the country.

While the midweek temperatures are forecast to get quite high, the UK’s weather will cool down again as we go into the weekend.

“On Thursday and Friday it will cool down for everyone across the country,” the spokesperson said.

Despite the sudden sunny spell, forecasters pointed out that it isn’t unusual for this time of year, and it is simply the result of warm air coming up from the south.

“To put it in context , this time last year we were seeing temperatures in the 30s, so this really isn’t anything unusual,” the Met Office spokesperson said.

This year saw the hottest April day in 70 years after a temperature of 27.9C was recorded in Wisley, Surrey.

So far June’s average temperature, 14.7C, is above average.

The unseasonably hot spring has made a stark contrast to the awful weather brought in by the “Beast from the East” storm that battered the country in February and March.


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